The Ocean County Joint Insurance Fund (OCJIF) commenced operations on February 1st, 1987, shortly after the New Jersey legislature's enactment of a revision to Title 40A permitting communities to form self-insurance funds.  The fund was initially organized by a charter group of 11 Ocean County municipalities.  The fund has 31 members.  Each participating member selects one Fund Commissioner who shall be either a member of its governing body or one of its employees. The fund holds an organizational meeting in January to elect the Chairperson, Secretary and a five member Executive Board with two alternates.  Meetings of the Executive Board are held monthly on the second Thursday of January, March, May, September, October, November and December at 3:00 PM (Toms River Municipal Building, 33 Washington Street, Toms River, New Jersey).  The Executive Board exercises the full power and authority of its commissioners.  In addition to the Executive Committee, the fund also appoints an Executive Director, Treasurer, Auditor and Attorney.  The fund contracts for the following services: Safety Director, Claims Serving Company, Underwriting Manager, Actuary, Right to Know Compliance Program, Police Training Consultant and Assets Manager.  All appointed officials and contractors are retained pursuant to the "Local Public Contracts Law."  The Ocean County Joint Insurance Fund is considered a public body and is required to follow the following laws and related regulations: Local Public Contracts Law, Open Public Meeting Act, Open Public Records Act, and New Jersey State Ethics Law.  This website has been developed in an effort to allow members of the public to obtain information regarding the administration and operation of the fund.